Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brenda says: No Joe

I'm not going to post or link to the TMZ video of Brenda running full speed ahead before climbing into Joe's car. (How she managed to run so fast without wiping out in those heels is beyond me!) I think it's a little rude how they followed her like that. Anyroad! Of course after that hits the next, there's a flurry of questions about the two of them, mainly, are they an item?

The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody star Brenda Song has denied reports that she is romancing newly-single Joe Jonas.

The actress, who plays London Tipton in the Disney comedy, was rumoured to be dating the middle Jonas Brother after they were spotted dining together in Los Angeles.

Speaking to Gossip Cop, a representative for Song said that the pair are "just friends", while a source close to the actress insisted that they are "definitely not" dating.

I think what people forget is that famous people have friends, too. And that boys and girls, famous or not, are allowed to and hang out with people who are "just friends". I think that allll those conclusions were jumped two because 1. It involves a Jonas and 2. That Jonas was just involved in a break up.


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